The consultants at Park Meridian Business Advisors (PMBA) are experienced business professionals who have accumulated broad experience serving a wide variety of industries, businesses and individuals.  Learning about your business and its critical needs allows us to identify problems and opportunities and help solve immediate issues and position you and your business for survival and future success.

Each business and its issues are unique.  At PMBA, we tailor a solution based upon the unique circumstances facing the business.  That said, the approach to assisting a business will often involve a combination of various analyses and tasks depending upon a given situation.  Among the procedures often performed are the following:


  • Onsite assessment (cash flow, debt service requirements, capital structure, products & services, operations review, data reporting, management team review)
  • Determine immediate needs
  • Action plan development


  • Review debt structure, vendor issues and assist in negotiations
  • Develop cost reduction programs
  • Understand current ‘as-is’ practices and identify ‘go-to’ reengineered practices
  • Create new business processes (operations, sales, marketing and management)
  • Determine benefits, savings and change costs
  • Develop measurement criteria and milestones
  • Identify alternatives for enhancing value


  • Critical business driver focus with clear definition of responsibility
  • Performance measurement against Plan; adjustments made as necessary
  • Work with other professionals to assist with key roles and responsibilitie

At PMBA we use a variety of tools to identify, assist and implement the required changes in an organization.  We provide the foundation to achieve success given the formidable challenges facing the business and management.  Among the specific tools utilized and services provided are:

  • EBITDA and cash flow analysis
  • Unused / nonessential assets available for collateral
  • Manage the workout process – waivers, financing substitutes,
  • Prepare cash flow projections and monitoring
  • Evaluate competitive position – SWOT analysis
  • Business viability assessments and bankruptcy assistance
  • Meet with and negotiate with vendors, creditors and their professionals (outside or inside of bankruptcy proceedings)
  • Analysis of existing skills and resources within the organization and those needed
  • Outsourcing alternatives analysis
  • Product / customer profitability analysis
  • Benchmarking and strategic assessments
  • Supply chain management and alternatives
  • Interim management expertise and Chief Restructuring Officer responsibilities

Whatever or whenever the situation arises, the PMBA team is ready to assist you.  Today’s tough economic environment coupled with rapid changes brought about by technology and global competition stress even the most solid of organizations.  Failure to timely address the issues and utilize outside expertise often trigger events that result in a company losing control of its own destiny.   Our speed of execution and hands-on expertise allows us to address the critical issues of distressed businesses and exert the leadership to drive improved results and successful outcomes.