Park Meridian Business Advisors (PMBA) is a boutique operational and financial consulting firm. Our mission is to help businesses and other organizations maximize their effectiveness and ultimately their value. We work both with businesses in need of a restructuring or a turnaround, as well as those which simply seek to improve their performance. We assist and help management make decisions in the areas of financial management, strategy, operations, organizational structure and technology.

We help companies explore, plan and execute business and financial strategies to realize optimum potential in stressful economic times.  The strategies developed for each situation are a collaborative approach with honest and forthright feedback given by professionals with your interests in mind.  At PMBA we are focused on bringing a completely different perspective than that provided by someone inside your organization.  Our strategies refocus organizations  on immediate problems and solutions with future opportunities identified and implantation plans developed.

In the current economic environment, businesses and individuals face unprecedented hurdles.  PMBA works with you to lower the hurdles and increase business and shareholder value.  The problems faced arising from over-leverage, liquidity problems, industry consolidation, industry over-supply, competitive weaknesses, regulation and lost sales volume are just a few of the dynamics PMBA advisors will help you address.   Our competence, sense of urgency and unclouded vision enables us to provide leadership and guidance at a time of maximum crisis.  Our hands-on approach allows you to implement change and re-establish credibility with key constituents and funding sources.